cafe «Vostochni Kvartal»
Founded in March 1999 right in the center of Moscow in Old Arbat street
The premises
were completely maintained by professionals from Uzbekistan, who created a unique encyclopedia of Eastern decorations. The interior creates an atmosphere of a cozy Uzbek terrace with its soft sofas and pillows, jugs and lagans that were brought all the way from Tashkent.

The most delicious cuisine, friendly welcome and
affordable prices are the main principles of the cafe "Vostochni Kvartal".
of this cafe is, surely, signature Uzbek pilaf, which was cooked by hereditary cooks, who are able to give this dish a delicate aroma and unique taste. Our guests will be offered among meat dishes, a vast choice of vegetable salads, fresh herbs, salted vegetables and side dishes. You can try true Middle Eastern cuisine at our cafe. Who can say NO to Bai soup - Lagman?
is the main quality of the cafe "Vostochni Kvartal". This means not just warm welcome of each guest, but provide a very tasty meal. Cooking food is the process, to which we devote ourselves entirely, we are proud of it and we constantly improve it. Kindness to our guests is also a part of our national culture.
We have a vast experience
in conducting family and corporate events. We can place up to 80 people with comfort in our cafe :Vostochni Kvartal".
Our main value
and pride of the cafe is our employees, coordinated team of first-class cooks and administrators, who work within the sole vocation.We are sure that once you visit or cafe "Vostochni Kvartal", you will be eager to visit us again and again!

And we are always glad to see you!
The cafe has a team of like-minded people, whose hands create a unique atmosphere of oriental hospitality. We love our work, every time we try to please and surprise our customers. We give you the warmth of our hearts!
Contact us
+7 (499) 241-38-03
Moscow, Arbat st., 45/24
We are open daily from 11:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m